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What should you wear to go dancing?

January 23, 2018

By Jezebel

This question is something any woman over the age of 18 has asked herself a million times.  As a professional dancer, and someone who just loves to move my body, this is also something I think about often.  We go out dancing to have fun but also we want to look our best.  Here are my top 4 solutions for the woman who just needs to dance the night away.

#1 Comfort

Comfort is key. Obvious, but true. Even if you're going fitted or salsa-sexy, make sure you can (duh) move. Move in it. Make sure the skirt doesn't ride up and he pants don't cut into your waist. You don't want to be tugging all night. Can you throw your hands in the air? Do you care if your midriff shows? Ok, then. Personally, I LOVE  a short,  colorful print dress.


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#2 Dancing Shoes

If you're a serious dancer, you've probably invested in specialized shoes, but no matter what we're talking about, you want a shoe that doesn't slip, doesn't pinch, doesn't cut into your heel. This is the moment for gel insoles. And there's a reason professional dance shoes all have ankle-straps. Also: just remember that on a crowded dance floor, an open toe can be a dangerous proposition for even the most nimble.

#3 Layers

Think layers. Like a girl scout, you want to be able to control your heat quotient easily.
You want fabrics that breathe. John Travolta may have worn a trophy in pure poly, but trust: you won't be a happy camper by evening's end. The fabric of our lives is your friend. In colder weather you may also want to pair your dress with comfortable leggings. If you're wearing a skirt that swirls, leggings or tights may also be the perfect solution.Just make sure they cut dig into the waist or a material that causes the dress to ride up.  

#4 Jewelry

On a night out, you may want a little extra bling. Personally, I love a chunky and colorful statement necklace. Party dresses often have a deep enough neck line to really feature a good necklace to accent your collarbone and draw attention up to your gorgeous face. Of course stylish earrings, bangles, or rings make as great addition as well. Nothing helps me channel my inner diva on the dance floor than a touch of sparkle as i turn.  


But let's hear from you: what's your failsafe dance floor uniform? Your go-to shoe? How do you stay comfortable? We must know!


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