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FOREFRONT charity's mission:

Priyanka is a 16 year old who wants to bring change to Thallur, India by becoming a political leader. However, instead of dedicating time to education and her dreams, she spends her days making six hour-long trips to retrieve water and worrying about the lack of sanitary facilities for women in her village. 
FOREFRONT understands, however, due to the challenging realities of her community such as access to clean water and sanitation, she faces barriers to reaching her goal. Through FRONFRONT's four-pillar approach of providing clean water, quality education, affordable medical care, and women empowerment, FOREFRONT Charity equips girls like Priyanka in all ways, to be an effective leader in her community.  To date, they have built 16 water wells, distributed over 2,000 soap toys, and currently constructing an elementary school in Kolluru, India.  FOREFRONT forms long-term partnerships with communities to advance their mission to enable every person, equip leaders, and establish self-sustaining communities through local-to-local change. To learn more, visit: and follow them on social @goforefront (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

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